Living on a Ridge 2021

Planning approval has been granted for our design for a new residential development in Guildford, UK. The proposal works with this site topography, a steep ridge connecting Guildford Cathedral with the train station. Following 90 years of the site being used as a bus and coach depot, a fundamental design intention was to create a central landscape area in the scheme with no vehicles whatsoever, which would be the visual and social focus for the scheme. This will also be an important part of developing a resilient drainage strategy, and an important habitat for local biodiversity.

The roof geometry avoids horizontal eaves which would exaggerate the height with respect to the sloped ground plane, and instead following the overall site topography though a series of undulations. This massing approach and a series of setbacks allows the development to be read as individual houses, as opposed to a single block of flats. The material palette of brick, and copper reflects the materials of the nearby Guildford Cathedral, and as high-quality materials which will enhance the public realm.

All units enjoy dual aspect, good daylighting levels, and a combination of private and shared amenity spaces. A fabric first approach, coupled with a communal air source heat pump, provides a low carbon design approach, which will be an exemplar within Guildford.

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