Communication is a critical part of developing our ideas. We enjoy dialogues in both academic and professional contexts, and have been lucky enough to be invited to various institutions both nationally and internationally to talk about our approach to architecture and environment. Below are some of the courses both past and on-going.


Architectural Association,London, UK

aa school

2010 – 2018 – TS1 – Unit Master / TS3 / TS5 tutor,

2010 – 2018 : TS_02 / 04 : ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN IN PRACTICE : 8 part lecture series in the practice and application of environmental design in architecture.

2010 – 2018 : TS_01 : FIRST APPLICATIONS : 12 week introductory course to first year students in the principle and application of environmental design in architecture.

2014 – 2018 /  TS_01 : INTRODUCTION TO INTEGRATED DESIGN : 8 week course to first year students introducing the inter-relationship between material, structural and environmental aspects of design.

2011 – University of Tehran, Iran, VISITING SCHOOL : co-ordinated and ran a two week intensive programme entitled “RESPONSIVE SIMPLEXITIES” in which 30 students designed and fabricated 1:1 prototypes exploring the theme of architecture and environment. See

University College Dublin, Ireland


September 2015 – Environment & Architecture : Lecture & workshop given to 5th year students

01.11.12 – GREEN VALUES, Lecture given to staff and students on a_zero’s work in architecture and environment.22.10.08 – PLEA 2008 – 25th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture
Giles was awarded BEST PAPER for his presentation of the paper : entitled ‘High Density, Low Energy High Density, Low Energy: Achieving useful solar access for Dublin’s multi-storey apartment developments

University of Nottingham, UK

university of nottigham

2010 – 2014 : MASTERS OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN invited tutor and lecturer.

2010 – 2012 : invited tutor / lecturer in IDM Integrated Design 3_AED Workshop2013 : Sustainability Colloquium

Central European University, Hungary


‘Walking the Talk’ : Giles outlined the design strategy of the new Central European University Campus, which will seek to create a unified and occupant-friendly campus. The presentation highlighted elements that will reduce energy demand for heating and cooling systems and take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation, while delivering an optimal working environment.
Green Sky Thinking

green sky thinking

20.09.12 – Proving things will work as you hope they will.
Lecture given as part of the 2012 : Green Sky thinking event, in which practices throughout London give seminars about current thinking and practice in sustainable environmental design. Giles’ presentation focused on the balance of intuition and analytical simulation to inform architectural decision making.
University of East London, UK


14.03.13 – University of East London, UK – UEL Architecture Society



Bartlett School of Architecture
2014 : Technical consultant to Year 03 : Unit 5